Hello 2020

I don’t know about you, but I was READY for 2020! I don’t ever want to wish time away, but, if you are like me, as you closed out last year and geared up for another year ahead, there are things from 2019 you were ready to put behind you. There are also things you are looking forward to as we begin a new year. There a couple of reasons I couldn’t wait for it. One, UnCommon 2020 is six months away! Two, we were in a house remodel ALL YEAR. It took us all year to complete several rather large projects around our house and I was ready to make that a part of history for me!

Throughout the process of remodeling, I often thought that life is a lot like a house. The parallel of life, the significance of each room, the things that happen there, even down to the structure. Our houses need to be built on a solid foundation or the house will not be able to withstand the elements of nature. In particular, our relationship with Jesus can be paralleled with our house!

As we push into 2020 and start a fresh new year, let’s take a walk through our houses. Let’s not just walk through them, but spend time in the rooms they’re made of. Our houses are all different just like our relationship with Jesus; we are all different. We are all in different stages of life, seasons, and different circumstances; some of us have kids, some don’t. We are all in a unique state in life. So, let’s look at how we can all grow in our relationship with Jesus just by walking through the house! It is similar to my remodel. There will be some tearing out of the old, bringing in the new. There will be some price tags for our endeavor. Remodels always cost more than initially thought! There will be some dust and dirt as we reveal what is behind some of those walls!

My hope is that you will take this journey with me! Over the next six months, we will journey through our houses, through our lives, through a remodel. As we close in on UnCommon 2020, this will mentally and spiritually prepare us for a great conference, but more importantly, it will make us uncommon men, husbands, fathers, and followers of Jesus! Come on, let’s get after it! Let’s head inside and get started!


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