Challenge From Uncommon 2019

If you are like me you just finished attending Uncommon19. God spoke to you and you listened. He revealed to you sin, deficiencies in your character, and challenges that lie ahead. Attending Uncommon is easy. Being uncommon, on the other hand, is hard. It takes dedication, consistency, and courage. While you are going home changed and empowered, your home is still very much the way you left it. Your marriage still has rough spots, there is room to grow in your parenting, financial decisions to make, and difficult situations to lead through.

This is where discouragement creeps in. This is where Satan chooses to strike. Maybe he wasn’t able to keep you from attending Uncommon, maybe he didn’t even try to distract you. Maybe he just chose to lie in wait at your home. Knowing that the conference was a home game and your home would now feel like an away game. Doing his best to shift the odds in his favor.

The devil is mistaken. The odds are in your favor. For you are a Son of God, a dwelling of the Holy Spirit, and a soldier for a heavenly realm. You are the God-ordained leader of your home. Through Christ’s help, you have the ability to breathe life into your wife. A simple hug, an “I love you”, gently whispered, has the ability to change her countenance. Your kids seek your approval and your words carry a ton of weight in their hearts.

When you go home make it count. If you are reading this after you’ve already arrived at your home, it is not too late. Develop a plan right now. What do you need to do to make your wife know that something is different, that her ordinary man is gone?

It might be as simple as asking to pray with her. It might be apologizing for not being the man that God called you to be for her. Ask her what is something you can do for her right now to make her day better, to convey your love and devotion.

Depending on the age of your kids it might be calling your kids into the room, getting down on your knees, kissing each of them on the forehead, and saying, “Daddy is so lucky to have you. I love you and I am so proud of you!” If they are older, it might be sending them an encouraging text or calling them and saying that you just wanted them to know that you love them. Trust me when I say that even if they appear distant, your words will echo in their souls.

If you want to lead in your home, be an agent of change, and live an uncommon life it requires a life of action. You will not passively be what they need or what your God requires. So get ready to do the tough work. You are capable of more than you know!